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Movement is progress

I’m running a 5K next Sunday and I’m not prepared. In fact, I’m walking out the door in 23 minutes to run two miles just to prove to myself that I can do that 3.1-mile race. Spring is five days away and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate today than to take in the fresh air and… Read more →

5 reasons to send people glitter

The concept of shipping glitter to your enemies surfaced recently, and it was a brilliant idea. Orders at the short-lived were quickly suspended after its unexpected popularity. It specialized in “shipping glitter to enemies you hate” in envelopes with carefully placed notes explaining the occasion. Your enemies and your friends do need glitter. I need glitter. We need glitter in the… Read more →

Remember to breathe, even if it’s all you can do

We breathe all day, every day. During moments of frustration or sadness, though, I’ve caught myself holding my breath. Here’s a friendly reminder, to you and to me: Breathe. When we’re in the midst of preparing for the holidays and something seems overwhelming, take a deep breath – breathe in for five seconds and breathe out for five seconds. Breathe in, breathe out.… Read more →