I asked for what I wanted, and it came true

Last year, I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried and laughed the loudest I’ve ever laughed. At times, I dwelled on what was going wrong in order to figure out how to fix it. Ultimately, though, I focused on what I wanted and let go of things I didn’t want.

I share that I cried to illustrate how amazing it felt to be able to laugh, and set life stuff aside to completely enjoy those how-did-I-get-so-lucky, life glitter moments.

This moment was captured during my November trip to Mendocino, California. It was the first time I touched the Pacific Ocean.

Blog post 1-17-16

A year ago, I made a collage using toy ads, a nature calendar and a few old magazines. I picked the word fresh to define my year. It surprised me, since I thrive on scheduling things in advance and following an established routine.

I like predictability, but embracing the freshness of life was more beautiful than I could have dreamed.

Last year was fresh. My boyfriend and I bought a house. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. We planned a wedding with less than 30 guests and were married two months later. On our honeymoon, I saw and touched the Pacific Ocean for the very first time. We spent our first holidays together as a blended family of five. A career opportunity I’d been hoping for surfaced.

That’s a lot of change. It was very exciting, but at times, very overwhelming.

I spent an entire month before the house purchase was finalized white-knuckled in anticipation. When I returned to my apartment after our one and only showing of five houses, the collage I made last January caught my eye. Covered in goosebumps, I grabbed it off of the kitchen counter and began shrieking with glee that we needed to make an offer immediately on the place we wanted to be our family home together because the staircase was the same one as the staircase pictured in my collage.

When I cut that picture out of a magazine, I never expected to get that exact same staircase. Yet there it was. (Disclaimer: The staircase is not as gigantic as the picture I cut out, but the wall color, the trim and the spindles are almost identical.)

Here’s part of my collage from last January, and the staircase in the home we found months later.

I instantly loved the house and wanted to hold onto it and never lose it. Friends reminded me to focus on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want. So, I imagined what it would be like to wake up at the new house, the warm, hard floor welcoming my feet as I began each new day. And it does. I pause almost every morning – and I mentally kick myself when I forget to be grateful for it – when I feel that feeling and smile.

Everything in that collage came true. The horseshoe heart, lucky in love. The typewriter was my grandmother’s; our wedding guests typed messages on it instead of signing a book. Fresh vegetables and flowers were established in the new yard. Rays of sunlight streamed through the redwood trees during the honeymoon trip to California.

I’m still getting used to the W word, wife. It’s an honor to partner with this man, my other half, and raise our children together. While going through divorce, I decided to live life on my own terms and be happy. I still am, and I want to continue to grow and learn.

Amidst the heavy moments last year, there was so much light in the form of love to keep me afloat. The more receptive I am, the more I can feel it. I am grateful.

I’m intimidated to make a collage for 2016. I’ll commit to a word. My word for 2016 is peace. I will seek it, I will be it and I will embrace it.

11 thoughts on “I asked for what I wanted, and it came true”

  1. Oh my goodness… I love this.

    I recently read about another blogger’s word and said I couldn’t figure out mine but by the end of my comment, came to the conclusion that “peace” would be the best word for me. I long for peace in my heart, peace in my parenting, peace in my home, and peace of mind.

    Thanks for sharing! Wishing you another lovely year.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…The Parenting Resolution: Creating a Learning PlanMy Profile

  2. This was so beautiful, Elizabeth. It’s great to have all the pieces to your puzzle fit, isn’t it. Others would rejoice in having their dreams fulfilled and just be happy about it, but like you, having my dreams come true makes me even more thankful that I’ve even achieved it in the first place.

    Congratulations on all these wonderful changes happening to you. Your word for the year is so inspiring; peace is a wonderful thing to have, and I hope you find it and are able to keep it throughout the year. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring piece with us on #SHINEbloghop this week 🙂

  3. Oh that staircase story! Chills! Yes I think that house was meant for your family. What a lovely picture of you at the Ocean.

    I can’t ever pick just one word for a year. Things change so fast and so I guess if I had to pick one word it would probably be happy. To be happy in whatever life experience that comes my way.

  4. Thank you, Maria! This started out as a low-key way to map out what I wanted. It was amazing to see my hopes and dreams and prayers answered, and then to replay those moments when I saw the collage, which was boxed up and unseen for awhile when I moved.

    I hope that others might be inspired to make a life roadmap, or vision board, or to pick a word – something! – and really take in and rejoice when those magical moments happen in their lives as well.

  5. Thank you, Jen! It was shocking to go back and look at the pictures I had forgotten about, and to see how those wishes became reality. It is difficult to pick just one word for the entire year, but happy is a great choice! I wish you much happiness in 2016.

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