Why Mondays matter

Happy Monday

Earlier in my nine-year-old daughter’s school career, I asked her how her day was, but I wasn’t prepared for the answer.

“It’s Monday, and Mondays aren’t good,” she said, adding that her teacher reminded the class every Monday that Mondays are lousy.

I was speechless, stunned that someone brainwashed her about Mondays.

“Any day that we have with those we love is a good one,” I told her.

Why would anyone would choose to write off a day of their life every single week? That’s more than 50 days per year. Each year.

When I got sick more than six years ago, the first doctor who examined me came into my hospital room after my first CT scan and proclaimed that there wasn’t a brain tumor. My babies were two years old and seven months old on that day.

I am grateful for every single Monday.

It’s okay to move slower on Monday because you had such a great weekend. It’s okay to look forward to the weekend. If you find yourself dreading every weekday, however, give yourself permission to change your situation or change your perspective.

Happy Monday.

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