Ditch resolutions: Pick a word or pictures instead

Collage: How 2015 will feel

Making a list of New Year’s resolutions, and then following through for what will hopefully be an entire year – or an entire lifetime – of positive change sounds like a lot of work. These days, I strive to comply with the KISS principle.

I prefer to start something on any day of the year I feel like it, and hope that it will stick and become a habit.

More sleep, more water and more yoga are already on my to-do list. I’m on a constant quest to keep my health in check to preserve my sanity and my ability to care for others.

Still, I wanted to set my focus for the year.

Many people picked a word to set the tone for 2015. The first word that popped into my head was fresh, and I didn’t want to overthink it, so I instantly accepted it as fact.

I’m not artistic in the sense that I can draw a great stick figure or plot out an abstract painting that others might admire. But when I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea to cut up old magazines and create a collage about how you’d like to feel in 2015, I was inspired. I knew I could do that!

It’s a quick, simple and fun project, if you don’t overthink it.

I scanned the family room for suitable material, but found none. I considered buying new magazines, so it could be perfect. Instead, I gathered my scissors, a glue stick, an American Girl catalog, holiday toy ads, a nature calendar and a few grownup magazines. I spread everything out on the floor and flipped through the pages until words, patterns and pictures stuck out; then, I snipped away.

At first, cutting up once valuable pictures and text felt wrong. Maybe it felt wrong because I didn’t know what to do with it. I wanted to plan the final product and make it perfect.

Fresh found its way into the center of my collage, which features freshly-sliced vegetables and a fresh pink flower. In addition to fresh, I want 2015 to feel like:

  • God’s grace
  • Fireworks
  • Peace
  • An adventure (purple scooter)
  • Lucky (horseshoe heart)
  • Cozy (sweater and blanket material)
  • Steps
  • Home
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Beautiful
  • Organized (clipboard and pencil)
  • Chronicled (typewriter)
  • Blue skies.

I want 2015 to feel like light, in the form of twinkling lights, a lamp and natural sunlight peeking through a canopy of trees. Life might not feel like all of these things every second of every day, but when it does, I’m going to smile and relish those moments.

What do you want this year to feel like?

3 thoughts on “Ditch resolutions: Pick a word or pictures instead”

  1. I gave up on resolutions, too this year. Instead, I did both a word of the year, and I m doing monthly goals to reflect that word of the year!

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