Preparing for something that might not happen

I’ve (finally!) discovered Costco.

For years, I talked myself out of driving 45 minutes to buy gigantic cases of bottled water and plastic bags.

A new location recently opened 20 minutes away, and my friend, Shannon, told me they carry full-sized gluten-free bread that doesn’t taste like bricks, and so I bought a membership and purchased this secret bread.

As I dined on a Sunbutter and honey sandwich on my new bread that night, I checked out Costco’s website. I noticed that “Emergency Food” was on sale. I clicked.

They sell a years’ supply of freeze-dried and dehydrated food for four people! It’s just under $4,000.

In the review section, one apartment-dweller described how one can store all of that food: “After getting rid of the couch and coffee table in the living room and swap a double bed for a single bed I was able to store all the food.”


Another reviewer described the product as, “End of the world as we know it insurance.”

Storms, power outages and even water issues, like the recent water crisis in Toledo, Ohio, happen. It’s smart to carry an umbrella outside if you think it might rain, but should you rearrange your apartment and get rid of furniture to make room for food you might need just in case something happens?

We do this in our daily lives (I do, too). We prepare for the worst. We prepare for things that might never happen and get ourselves worked up about possibilities.

Let’s enjoy the present moment. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so take advantage of all that today has to offer.

And please, don’t get rid of your couch if you like sitting on it.

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