Month: November 2014

Remember to breathe, even if it’s all you can do

We breathe all day, every day. During moments of frustration or sadness, though, I’ve caught myself holding my breath. Here’s a friendly reminder, to you and to me: Breathe. When we’re in the midst of preparing for the holidays and something seems overwhelming, take a deep breath – breathe in for five seconds and breathe out for five seconds. Breathe in, breathe out.… Read more →

Preparing for something that might not happen

I’ve (finally!) discovered Costco. For years, I talked myself out of driving 45 minutes to buy gigantic cases of bottled water and plastic bags. A new location recently opened 20 minutes away, and my friend, Shannon, told me they carry full-sized gluten-free bread that doesn’t taste like bricks, and so I bought a membership and purchased this secret bread. As I dined on… Read more →